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Luminaires eCatalog

Philips has consolidated our luminaire product portfolio to offer a simplified, best in class line with easier and more intuitive access to the full range. This Philips eCatalog will assist you in quickly identifying the ideal replacement product, or to freely search for best product to meet your needs.

Philips a consolidé notre portfolio de luminaires de manière à ce que nous puissions offrir une gamme simplifiée de produits parmi les meilleurs de leur catégorie tout en permettant un accès plus facile et intuitif à l'ensemble. Ce catalogue électronique de Philips est doté d'une application qui vous permettra de sélectionner rapidement le produit de remplacement idéal. Vous pouvez également y chercher librement le meilleur produit qui répondra à vos besoins.

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Designer Floodlight LED

Designer Floodlight LED - combining impressive floodlighting performance and control

  • Gardco

Awards & Certifications :

Product Family Information

The Gardco Designer Flood LED combines impressive floodlighting performance and control with the efficiency and energy savings of LEDs. Based on the popular Designer Floodlight Series, this updated line of architectural luminaires is specifically designed for advanced LED arrays. The housing of the Designer Flood LED provides advanced thermal management to dissipate heat, thereby maximizing the inherent sustainability and performance of the LEDs. While the housing shape is redesigned to better suit the source, the best elements of the Designer Floodlight Series are retained, including the die cast aluminum construction, rugged mounting knuckle, integral splice box, and tamper-resistant fasteners, all protected by a textured polyester powdercoat finish, silicone seals and moisture-proof gasketing. Whether ground, wall, ceiling or pole mounted, its timeless form is always appropriate, comfortably blending into its surroundings. It is performance, however, that distinguishes Gardco and the Designer Flood LED. When used in place of HID systems, the Designer Flood LED offers significant energy savings. Numerous precision optical systems are available, delivering the right pattern for any application. Free from streaks and striations, these distributions place the intended target in its best light. Having the right distribution pattern is only half of the battle. Frequently, setback considerations and architectural limitations make placing the luminaire extremely challenging. With its numerous mounting options, the Designer Flood LED addresses these concerns practically and handsomely. Mounting accessories are specifically designed to complement the luminaire, and with its integral splice box, the luminaire can be mounted flush at grade. Combined with 358° horizontal and 180° vertical rotational ability, you have a precision lighting instrument that can only come from Gardco.

  • Provides significant energy savings compared to HID systems

  • Numerous precision optical systems deliver the right pattern for any application

  • Offers a variety of mounting options

  • Comfortably blends into its surroundings

  • Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions

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  • Die-cast aluminum construction

  • Rugged mounting knuckle

  • Integral splice box

  • Tamper-resistant fasteners


  • Arena And Sports

  • Bridges, Monuments, Facades

  • Security Lighting

  • Sign Lighting

  • Walkways

Product Family Details

Not all product variations are shown below. Refer to specification sheet for further details

  • Source

    • LED
  • Voltage(s)

    • 120
    • 208
    • 240
    • 277
    • 347
    • 480
    • UNIV
  • Lumens

    • 10301
    • 3240.9846177
    • 3277.3301678
    • 3299.1374978
    • 3305.3681635
    • 3565.6715313
    • 3610.2056
    • 3650.6917249
    • 3674.9833999
    • 3681.9238785
    • 3825
    • 3867.8949055
    • 3893.6318488
    • 3900.9852611
    • 3971.8816496
    • 4208.1944889
    • 4944.09026
    • 5000.0131318
    • 5032.8019084
    • 5042.3067278
    • 5439.3969634
    • 5507.3332486
    • 5569.6269923
    • 5606.1511473
    • 5616.7387793
    • 5835
    • 5901
    • 5939.6972124
    • 5950.9147709
    • 6059.0665165
    • 6419.5594361
    • 6478.5799705
    • 6551.2330621
    • 6594.8249171
    • 6607.2797328
    • 7127.6142557
    • 7216.6358216
    • 7297.565733
    • 7346.1236799
    • 7359.997379
    • 7646
    • 7731.7449535
    • 7783.1919257
    • 7797.8910606
    • 7933.4219545
    • 7939.6096975
    • 8022.3901596
    • 8075.7710828
    • 8091.0227751
    • 8411.9882516
    • 8728.2045875
    • 8837.217002
    • 8936.3206851
    • 8995.782895
    • 9012.7720978
    • 9363
    • 9468
    • 9531
    • 9549
    • 9722.543238
  • Input watts

    • 38
    • 63
    • 71
    • 94
  • Colour Temperature

    • 3000K
    • 4000K
    • 5700K
  • CRI

    • 70
  • Shape

    • Rectangular
  • Mounting type(s)

    • Ground / Floor
    • Wall
    • Wall



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